How to ride a Snowbike

Easy to learn and fun to ride, snowbiking is a great way to enjoy your current or next ski trip. If a picture is worth a thousand words………..look at those smiling faces……..FullSizeRender………..then video explains it all…..……………check it out.

Brenter Snowbike and Coke TV

Here’s something we received from our friends in Austria and Coke TV.

Back in the day —-the 80’s to be exact—–the iconic American brand Coca-Cola used to say
“Have a Coke and a Smile”….here’s one of their classic commercials. Great ad. Great product.

Here is the modern version………… . If you don’t speak German it might not mean much to you but fast forward to the 2:45 min mark and you get to the good stuff.

It used to be ” Have a Coke and a Smile”. Guess now you can say ” Have a Coke, a Snowbike Experience and a Smile”.

Come to Purgatory Resort and take the Snowbike Experience. We’ll guarantee you have a smile and we may even buy you a Coke!!!

Purgatory Snowbike Experience and NASTAR

Snowbiking has something to offer almost everyone. Easy to learn and fun to ride, it can be as relaxing as you want it to be or as exciting as you need it to be.

For you bmx, motocross,downhill mountain bike racing adrenaline junkies run the gates on a race course. Its fun and challenging. NASTAR Ski Racing—–the largest grassroots ski racing organization in the world—-even has a snowbike racing division. Check out this story—- ——on their website.

Donna and I have raced the NASTAR course at Purgatory Resort for several years now. Last year for the very first we attended and raced at the NASTAR National Championships at Aspen Snowmass. It was a lot of fun. Here is a slide show about our experience. .

Come to Purgatory Resort and take the Snowbike Experience. We may not go racing but we’ll still show you a real good time on the snow.


Bronco’s Win Superbowl and MiMi conquers the mountain 

Victory and achievement in our chosen pursuits comes in many sizes.  The Denver Broncos won the Superbowl this Sunday and people at Purgatory Resort Conquered the mountain by taking the Snowbike Experience. Easy to learn and fun to ride the Purgatory Snowbike Experience allows you to see the mountains in a whole new way. MiMi liked it so much on Saturday that she came back on Superbowl Sunday and did it again.  Thanks for stoping by MiMi we had a great time.   


Guests and their stories

Everyone that takes the Purgatory Snowbike Experience has a story. Most of the time its a story about inclusion involving family members. For instance, look at the group photo. On the left we haveFullSizeRender

image1 Berch and Jan a lovely husband and wife from Albuquerque. They wanted something FUN they could do TOGETHER. The Snowbike Experience was just the thing. On the right side of the photo we have Edith and Sevie—a mother and daughter that used the Snowbike Experience to mark off an item on their bucket list.
Lots of smiling faces in that picture. Sure looks like everyone is having a great time. And check out Keith and Donna. Keith was looking easy and fun way to be on the mountain with his kids. Looks like he found his way. You can read his review at TripAdvisor under Durango Snowbike Experience.
Everyone has a story. Come to Purgatory Resort, take the Snowbike Experience and tell us yours.

New Owners. New Name. Same great fun!!!

Its 2016, El Nino is in full effect in Southwest Colorado, Durango Mountain Resort has new owners, a new name—kinda and EVERYONE is still having a great time with the Snowbike Experience.
Last spring Durango Mountain Resort was purchased by a new ownership group headed by James H. Coleman, Jr. and the very first thing he did was change the name back to —-Purgatory. That’s the name they used back when Mr. Coleman learned to ski there. So now its called Purgatory Resort and we are called the Purgatory Snowbike Experience.
Some things have changed. We have a new name and logo. But lots of things remain the same. We’re still here in beautiful Durango. Purgatory still has the same great,friendly people here to make your experience the best ever. And people are STILL having a lot of FUN taking the Snowbike Experience. Check out all of these smiling faces.snowbike 2016 013
The snow is good. Conditions are great. And we’re ALL having LOTS OF FUN!!! Come to Purgatory Resort this season and take the Snowbike Experience.

Why is it so easy?

The Snowbike Experience at Purgatory/Durango Mountain Resort is easy and fun. If you lead an active lifestyle in your regular Monday thru Friday routine and are a moderately fit weekend warrior type this is something you can do and this is something you need to try.

The balance and coordination required to ride a Snowbike are the same balance and skills you learned riding a bicycle.

If you have any kind of experience on the snow learning to ride is snap.
Watch this video and see how skiing and snowbiking are similar.

If you’ve never been on the snow but ride mountain bikes, motorcycles or just cruise your neighborhood on your Schwin then Snowbiking can get you included on all the fun. Watch this video to see how mountain biking and snowbiking are similar.

Get in on the fun now. Come take the Snowbike Experience at Purgatory/Durango Mountain Resort. You’ll be glad you did.