The Snowbike Experience IS NOT……..

……..A BEGINNER LESSON…………the Snowbike Experience is a BIG MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE  ……IF appropriate we go to the TOP of the  mountain.  There will be MORE physical exertion than a beginner lesson and it will be done in the thin air environment at 10,000 feet.  If you don’t lead an ACTIVE physical lifestyle at sea level you might not do well at altitude with the Snowbike Experience. You might not be able to complete the lesson.

But its also NOT AN ADVANCED LESSON either…..the Snowbike Experience does NOT require intermediate or advanced ski skills. If you can ride a bike—-road,mountain or dirt—–you have the skills necessary to have the time of your life!!! The Snowbike Experience at Durango Mountain Resort is a transformative lesson that will change the way you look at winter in the mountains for ever……….


The Snowbike Experience IS………

…….EASY TO LEARN…….Why?…..Because its similar to riding a bicycle.  The balance and control required to ride a Snowbike is the same balance and control required to ride a bicycle. So you already have pre-existing muscle memory and skills  you bring to the snow.  Your Snowbike Instructor will tap into THE SKILLS YOU ALREADY HAVE to teach you this new sport.

……….FUN…….Relive your childhood—on the snow!!  Remember when you learned to ride a bike?  Remember the sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment you felt when you became the master of your domain? You were mobile and independent, capable of going where ever you wanted.  Your mobility opened up a whole new world to you, right?  Learning to snowbike will empower you to explore new worlds and see the mountains in a whole new way.

……..INCLUSIVEsnowbike dmr march 2013 021…….have friends who ski but you don’t ? Ski but your friends don’t? Don’t get left out of the fun and don’t leave them behind. Learn to snowbike and be included. Go with your friends and family. Make memories that last a lifetime.




What can you expect?

……You can expect an easy, fun , inclusive , transformative big mountain sliding experience taught in a relaxing laid back atmosphere.  The Snowbike Instructors at Durango Mountain Resort will take you on an exciting snow sport adventure certain to change the way you look at the mountain.

…..Managing epectations is the best way to ensure you make the appropriate decision about if the Durango Mountain Resort Snowbike Experience is for you. Soooo …..lets discover what the Snowbike Experience IS and what the Snowbike Experience ISN’T. ….