Purgatory Snowbike Experience and NASTAR

Snowbiking has something to offer almost everyone. Easy to learn and fun to ride, it can be as relaxing as you want it to be or as exciting as you need it to be.

For you bmx, motocross,downhill mountain bike racing adrenaline junkies run the gates on a race course. Its fun and challenging. NASTAR Ski Racing—–the largest grassroots ski racing organization in the world—-even has a snowbike racing division. Check out this story—- ——on their website.

Donna and I have raced the NASTAR course at Purgatory Resort for several years now. Last year for the very first we attended and raced at the NASTAR National Championships at Aspen Snowmass. It was a lot of fun. Here is a slide show about our experience. .

Come to Purgatory Resort and take the Snowbike Experience. We may not go racing but we’ll still show you a real good time on the snow.


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