Why is it so easy?

The Snowbike Experience at Purgatory/Durango Mountain Resort is easy and fun. If you lead an active lifestyle in your regular Monday thru Friday routine and are a moderately fit weekend warrior type this is something you can do and this is something you need to try.

The balance and coordination required to ride a Snowbike are the same balance and skills you learned riding a bicycle.

If you have any kind of experience on the snow learning to ride is snap.
Watch this video and see how skiing and snowbiking are similar.

If you’ve never been on the snow but ride mountain bikes, motorcycles or just cruise your neighborhood on your Schwin then Snowbiking can get you included on all the fun. Watch this video to see how mountain biking and snowbiking are similar.

Get in on the fun now. Come take the Snowbike Experience at Purgatory/Durango Mountain Resort. You’ll be glad you did.

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