Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: Is it hard to learn how to ride a Snowbike®?

A: No! It's easy to learn and fun to ride! While some activities on the mountain require a little more effort, this requires a little less than others. That being said all mountain activities take place at high altitude. Make certain you are healthy enough for physical activity in a thin air environment. In preparation for your high altitude adventure make sure you are well rested and hydrated.


Q: How do I ride a Snowbike®?

A: That's what we'll teach you during the lesson! Basically it is like this: look left to go left, look right to go right. (How to Ride video) and (How to Ride Printable)


Q: How do I stop?

A: By skidding . We'll teach you to turn the bike to the side and use the edges of your skis to grab the

snow. Just like skiing and snowboarding. (Learn to Turn)


Q: Will I fall down?

A: You might, but you are already sitting down and therefore have a much shorter way to fall.


Q: Will I have sore muscles?

A: Yes, mostly in your face, from smiling all the time!


Q: Can I ride all over the mountain?

A: Yes, anywhere except the terrain park. Snowbikes® are NOT permitted in the terrain park at this time.


Q: Can anyone ride at Purgatory Resort?

A: Riders must be at least 14 years of age.


Q: Is a lesson required?

A: Yes, but only the first time you visit. Lessons are offered in the morning 7 days a week.


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