"In 2010 I thought I had skied for the last time due to age and the mid-life bulge. Thanks for the Snowbike---the most fun I have ever had on a mountain." ~ H. Anderson, Albuquerque, New Mexico


"The best time of my life! Snowbiking at Purg was one of the most awesome experiences of my whole life. Being able to make it to the top of the mountain with the bike was great! The whole experience was really nice, especially for me, coming from a country situated at sea level (Peru), with no snow at all and also because I am one of those weird people who doesn't know how to ride a regular bike." ~ Milly Q.


"I have to thank my instructors for all their patience and for being with me through all this exciting adventure. Looking forward to doing it again this winter." ~ M. Smith, Dallas, Texas


"My two boys (both 14 years old) had a lesson today. They had a great time and became very confident in their skills with the Snowbike. We will definitely be back for more. Thanks Purg for having Snowbikes on the mountain." ~ Ana, Tucson, Arizona


"I had a great time Snowbiking at Purg. Wonderful experience." ~ Wilma B, Farmington, New Mexico


A New Winter Adventure.
Easy to Learn.
Fun to Ride.

The Snowbike® Experience
At Purgatory Resort